Web3 LagosConference 2

The Web3 Lagos Conference is the largest Web3 Event in Lagos, Nigeria.

This conference will bring together Web3 enthusiasts from all over Nigeria and beyond.

Here, community meets technology for three days of intensive Networking and Learning experiences.

The Zone, Gbagada, Lagos State.
August 31 - September 2, 2023

Our Goal

At Web3bridge, we believe education is critical in the

drive for adoption of blockchain technology.

And we have set up Web3 Lagos conference to bring

education across varying topics/subjects and

comprehension of blockchain technology


Event Overview

Web3 Lagos Conference is a 3-day physical and virtual

event comprising of hackathon, workshops, networking,

career fair, panel session, talks, etc

With over 1200+ attendance, 26 speakers and

7 sponsors in the maiden event, the event focuses

on onboarding and supporting the growth of individual

new to the concept of blockchain and decentralisation,

helping technical andnon-technical blockchain

blockchain native persons realise the endless

possibilities and opportunities of the Blockchain &

Ethereum ecosystem.

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